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Earned Run

Espen Emperors #4
available in kindle unlimited
Earned Run eBook.jpg

Ayden Thompson. The pitcher every batter feared.


A heart of gold, a laser focus, and a hundred mile an hour fastball. He longed for a happy family. The one he didn’t have growing up as a kid. The son of a single dad, he did whatever he could to help those in need. Especially those less fortunate than him. Exactly where he found himself the night a hit and run driver sent his car careening into another. 


Rome Kinley had only wanted to get home from work and climb into bed. 


Rome saw the lights coming toward him and could do nothing to stop the collision. He bused tables, barely making enough to scrape by. No family or friends to turn to, an injury was the last thing he needed. 


In true Ayden fashion, he jumped in, offering to help Rome in any way he could. 


Rome was completely resistant to trusting anyone. He’d learned the hard way blood didn’t mean you stuck around through the tough times. You were better off to rely on yourself, no matter how nice the other person might seem.


As the connection built between them, Rome couldn’t bring himself to trust Ayden, even if his heart wanted him too. 


Trust didn’t always come easy. There were roadblocks and memories that stopped you. Getting hurt again was a very real possibility.


The wind up was ready. The ball left his hand. It was up to Ayden to earn Rome’s trust. 

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