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Catcher Interference

Espen Emperors #3
available in kindle unlimited
Catcher Interference eBook.jpg

Marcus Warnes. The catcher at the top of his game.


A knack for smack talking, a master play caller, and the quickest pop time in the league. The world saw the team playboy when all he wanted was to settle down with someone. To find the one. Marcus longed for holidays at home and a family to spend them with. His time in the spotlight didn’t make it easy to find. 


Along came Kasper Wilder, a billionaire bachelor that every single man in the city wanted.


Kasper, owner of the Espen Jetties, showed the world very little of himself. They saw the businessman. The one who made money with every decision. What he kept to himself was the desire to find the one man who could heal his broken heart. 


He’d been burned once before and wasn’t ready for it to happen again. 


Marcus drew Kasper in instantly. The problem—Marcus was looking for the woman of his dreams, not the man. He hadn’t planned on Kasper being everything he’d been looking for in a partner. 


Kasper knew Marcus had the ability to break down every wall he built. He just wasn’t sure he could trust someone who’d never been with a man before. 


Broken hearts didn’t always heal. The pain too deep or the cuts too sharp. Sometimes you had to jump in with both feet.


The batter was up. The pitch called. Marcus had to decide if he would catch the ball. 

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