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Checked Swing

Espen Emperors #1
available in kindle unlimited
Checked Swing eBook.jpg

Callen Teague. The best shortstop the league had seen in years.


A rocket for an arm, a terrific swing, and reflexes you wouldn’t believe. Every woman wanted him, but he wasn’t interested in them. The secret he’d kept from almost everyone. Callen wanted his skills on the field to be his legend, not who he slept with at night. Everything changed when a season-ending injury put his career on hold. 


Enter Spencer Matson, the only physical therapist who could put up with Callen and his demands. 


Spencer built his practice into one of the most prestigious in the area. He worked hard and made his dream a reality. Although, it didn’t come without a cost. Spencer’s social life was nearly non-existent, even when he had women throwing themselves at his feet. 


It should have come as no surprise that baseball’s biggest star was also its biggest diva. 


Callen was Spencer’s toughest case yet. Fortunately for the Espen Emperors, Spencer knew how to get their bad boy back on the field. Except neither of them planned on each other. 


As far as the world was concerned, Callen was straight. And Spencer had never been attracted to a man before. 


No one said love was easy. Sometimes the cost was too high. The fear was too real to take the final step toward freedom.


The pitch was thrown. The ball hurtled toward the plate. Only Callen could decide how he was going to swing.

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