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A Night at the Club

This is a short story featuring Vander and Evan to be read after Base Hit. This is from Evan's POV.

Ahhh, here I was back at good ole' Twist and Turn. It’d been a while since I stepped in here to dance the night away.

I still remember with clarity the first time I met Vander. It was on this very dance floor. I was enjoying the night and the bodies dancing around me, wrapping me up in their rhythm. But then something in the air changed. Next thing I knew, there were hands on my hips from a new dance partner and words in my ear. We danced for a bit before I turned around and came face-to-face with the love of my life—Vander Devlin. Goddamn, he was fine that night, but then again, he was all the time.

Tonight, Vander and I decided to go out on the town. Not that we never did, but so many nights, instead of leaving, we ended up on the couch with Vander over me or in the kitchen my ass on the counter and Vander between my spread legs. Then we'd move against the hall wall while Vander drilled into me. We basically fucked anywhere we could. I didn’t know what it was about him, but I was insatiable where he was concerned, and he was the same with me. We were a match made in Evanland.

Yes, my kingdom was complete. It was filled with people who loved their two kings. The throne beside me was built for Vander. He ruled with a kind, loving hand. A hand that skated along my ass right now as he came up behind me, pulling me from my fantasy world into one of reality where everything was just as amazing.

“Goddamn, you’re sexy,” he said with his lips pressed against the shell of my ear.

I turned my head so I could see him better. “Using old lines to pick me up, lover?”

“It worked before. It can work again.”

“Please. I’m a sure bet where you’re concerned.”

“No playing hard to get?”

“Oh, I’m hard all right. You keep grinding that dick of yours against my ass and I’ll be getting myself off right here on the dance floor.” I wouldn’t ever do that. Not only was Vander easily recognizable, but I wasn’t hiding from my family legacy. Not that I was embracing my family business and jumping on the train to being an executive team member there, but people in Espen knew who I was now.

Vander laughed and pulled back far enough so he could continue to sway his hips with mine. We both gave ourselves over to the music as the beat pounded through us. If only we were home and Vander was pounding into my ass instead. That was okay. This would be a great build up for a night of sex.

We stayed out on the floor for two more songs before Vander took my hand in his and pulled me from the floor. I followed him, not having a clue where he was taking me. I’d follow him to the ends of the earth if that was where he wanted to go.

We approached a dark hall I’d never been down before. There was a bouncer standing at the entrance with tattooed arms the size of tree trunks and a look so mean I knew he could snap a neck in seconds. But when he saw us approaching, a wide smile broke out over his face, completely transforming him.

“Vander,” he greeted, and they shook hands.

“Nash, good to see you again. This is my partner, Evan. Ev, Nash works for a security team who has helped out the Emperors a few times.”

“Very nice to meet you.” I shook his hand, which had a surprisingly gentle grip on mine.

“Nice to meet you as well. The room is all yours, Vander.”

“Thanks, Nash. I appreciate it.”

Nash gave me a wink as I walked past him. I gave him a little wave back.

Vander went down the hall until we reached the last door on the left. He turned the knob and pulled me inside, shutting it behind us. The room was completely dark. I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. Or Vander’s dick if it had happened to be there.

Next thing I knew, Vander pushed me against the door, his thick thigh pressing between my legs as his lips came down, crushing mine. Holy shit. Vander secured us a fuck room. Just when I didn’t think I could love him any more than I already did, he got us a room at the club.

The bass of the music still bled into the room, but it was quieter, more like a steady vibration rather than the relentless volume out on the floor.

“The things you do to me,” Vander spoke with his lips against mine. “I could barely contain myself while you were grinding back on me.”

My fingers threaded into his hair. I had no doubt when we left here that it would be obvious what we had been doing. But knowing Vander, there was a back door we could slip out of to keep this part of the night for us only.

Vander’s hand slipped from my waist then a lock clicked behind me. We were truly and utterly alone. The lights in the room slowly came on as not to blind us. Vander left them at a medium level so the room was illuminated but still had this sexy vibe to it.

That was when I saw it.

There was a fucking throne in the center of the room sitting on a plush white area rug. Red velvet seat and all. And sitting on the cushion was a golden crown.

I turned to Vander with tears in my eyes. “What did you do?”

He reached up to cup my cheek. “I came to the club to talk to the owner about tonight. He was showing me around the rooms he had and in the corner of one was this throne. He said they used it for a prop on stage when they had dancers perform. I knew it was perfect. I paid for us to use it. I want to make love to you on your throne, sexy.”

A single tear trekked down my cheek. Vander knew about my fantasyland and how we both ruled it side by side. It was a fun place for my mind to escape to at times when I needed the reminder of all I had in my life and how fortunate I was. And now Vander did this.

“It’s our throne,” I whispered. I knew what I wanted to do on it. “Strip, put the crown on, and sit your delectable ass down.”

His eyebrows furrowed. “Don’t you want me to worship you on it?”

“This is for both of us.”

“I’m pretty sure any time your dick is in my mouth, it’s for me, too.”

I smiled. Fuck, I loved this man. “Just do as you’re told.”

While Vander was getting naked, I did the same and took in the rest of the room. There was a leather couch on one side. On the wall were various toys for those into just about anything. While any other day I’d want to explore, I didn’t need a toy tonight. I just needed Vander.

When his bare ass hit the cushion, the crown slightly crooked on his head, making the smirk he wore come off as cocky, I grabbed a tube of lube off the small table near the couch, walked over, then climbed onto his lap.

With deft movements, I lubed my fingers and sunk them inside me. I didn’t need any more foreplay tonight. I got enough of that on the dance floor.

Vander groaned watching me. It wasn’t long before I was lifting up and positioning him behind me. I sank down with a low moan. This feeling of Vander inside me never got old. When we were joined it felt like we were the only two in existence. I loved every second of it.

His hands landed on my hips. I braced mine on his shoulders and peered down at the man I loved with all my heart. My dream was a reality. I had my king, my throne, and there wasn’t anything better in the world. Well, when he braced his feet on the floor and started thrusting into me in earnest, that was better, but only because it was Vander.

Fuck yeah, Evanland had the best kings in all the world.

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