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A Honeymoon

This is a short story featuring Marcus and Kasper to be read after Catcher Interference. This is from Marcus's POV.

The scent of sea salt air filled my nose with a light hint of coffee. I stretched and glanced around the room. The place had been more than I imagined when I called the travel agent to book it for our honeymoon. The grass roofed hut sat out above the water on a set of stilts.

The cool, light blue water surrounded us everywhere we looked. White, sandy beaches stood at the end of the pier we’d traveled to reach our villa the previous night. I sat up and stretched. Between the long flight, almost sixteen hours, and our extracurricular activities the night before, my muscles were sore.

Thank fuck for a husband who owned an aviation company, otherwise, our trip might have been even longer. An extra pilot and we were good to go. We only needed to stop to refuel.

Hungry and needing some caffeine, I threw my legs over the side of the bed and stood. The sheets next to me were cool. Kasper must have been up for a while. With no one else around, I decided to forgo clothing and wandered out to the small kitchen to find coffee in the pot and a mug sitting in front of it.

I filled the mug and walked out to the deck attached to the back, leading farther out into the water. Two cushioned lounges sat at the end of the deck, right before the small, wading pool. Kasper had his feet kicked up in one of the chairs, a mug of coffee in his hand. I walked over and took the seat next to him.

He glanced over then lifted his mug to his lips for a brief second before his gaze snapped to me again.

“And I thought the view here was beautiful.” His eyes started at my chest and ran down my entire body then back up to my face. “I have to say, husband, you beat any view I’ve ever had with my morning coffee.”

I settled back onto the soft cushions, taking a sip of my own coffee. Kasper wore a loose-fitting pair of basketball shorts. “So, you approve of my choice?”

“It’s beautiful. I’ve never been to Bora Bora before. I’m just grateful I have my own plane or that would have been a hellish commercial flight.”

I chuckled. “I thought the same thing this morning.” I reached over and took Kasper’s hand in mine, linking our fingers together. “I wanted somewhere private where we could enjoy the sand, sun, and cocktails on the deck without having to deal with anyone else.” We hadn’t done any exploring the night before, deciding to go to our room and get settled first. “Meals can be delivered, or we can go up to the main villa farther down the beach. It’s all up to us.”

Kasper lifted our hands to his lips and kissed the back of mine. “I think that sounds perfect. Two weeks of you all to myself.”


“Two? Try three.”


Kasper’s eyes widened. “Three weeks? That’s a lot of time from work. I only had two cleared on my calendar.”


I set my mug down on the table and stood from my seat to straddle Kasper’s lap. I bent forward and captured his mouth with mine. His lips parted and I slipped my tongue out to tangle with his. His cock was perfectly outlined against the crack of my ass. “Don’t even think about it. Pascal has everything under control. The holidays are around the corner, and before you know it, it’ll be February and I’ll be heading back to Florida.” I ran my hand down his bare chest, grazing my fingers over his nipples. “Now, we are going to enjoy every moment while we are here, and we’ll be back in time for Thanksgiving at your house.”


“You’re amazing. Do you know that?”


I smirked. “I think I’m pretty impressive. Come swim with me.” I stood and walked to the edge of the dock.


“Swim? Doesn’t that usually require a bathing suit?”


“Nope.” I wandered down the steps on the side of the wide deck and twisted to step onto the ladder and down into the crystal clear, blue water. “Now my sexy husband needs to drop the shorts he’s wearing to the ground and come out here with me.”


Kasper glanced around, most likely out of habit. Everywhere we went, people watched us, photographed us. Not here. I’d made sure of that. There was no one for miles. And no one knew where we were going. “How can you be sure the press didn’t follow us out here?”


“Simple.” I moved farther out into the ocean. “Pascal and Katie have cooked something up and the press may think we’re somewhere in Greece right now.”


Kasper’s brows flew up. “Greece, huh? And why would they think that?”


I took another few steps back. “We might have sent another plane to Greece and a few little leaks that we were on it. It left about two hours before we did to come here.”


“So, that’s why we didn’t disembark when we stopped to refuel?”


“Bingo. Now, get your ass down here.”


Kasper glanced back to where the hot tub sat waiting. “You know we could always get naked in the hot tub instead of the Pacific Ocean?”


“We could and we will, but right now it’s beautiful and I want you to get your gorgeous, naked ass down here.”

He reached for the waistband of his shorts and shoved them and his boxer briefs to the ground. He walked over to the steps, taking them one at a time. When he reached the ladder, he stopped. “If something bites any part of me that shouldn’t have teeth in it, I’m blaming you.”


“First, this water is crystal clear. If anything is going to bite, you’ll see it long before it sinks its teeth in. Second, I can’t promise to keep my teeth to myself. Third, I won’t let anything hurt you. The only person who gets to put his mouth on you for the rest of your life is me.”


Kasper came down the ladder. I moved forward and wrapped my arms around him from behind right as he reached the bottom. Kasper turned in my arms. “Forever.”


I stepped back and took both his hands in mine and waded deeper into the water. His nerves at being naked in the middle of the ocean slowly dissipated and he relaxed. I stopped when we were about chest deep.


Kasper swam up to me until our chests were practically touching. “I love you. Thank you for planning this. I never would have thought to come here.”


I cupped his cheek. “We deserve to be happy and have time to ourselves.” I brought his mouth to mine.


His lips were soft and firm against mine as I devoured him. Even the cool temperature of the water did nothing to keep me from overheating. One of Kasper’s legs wrapped around my back, holding me tighter to him as he ground himself against me. A need to have him raced through me.


I tore my mouth away, grabbing his ass and hiking his other leg around my waist. With him completely wrapped around me, I walked us back to the ladder.


“Where are we going?” The smirk lifting the corner of his mouth showed me he knew exactly where we were headed.


“I’m going to show you all the things I can do with my teeth.”


I let go of him as we reached the ladder. “What about swimming?”


Kasper wanted to play? It was on. I ran my finger down the crack of his ass, massaging his hole. “What about it?” I asked innocently.


“Fuck swimming.”


Kasper turned around and raced up the ladder then took the steps two at a time. I eyed the lounge chairs on the way by. Condoms weren’t necessary but lube definitely was. No point in going to the bedroom only to bring the lube back out here. Kasper must have been thinking the same thing.


He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the door. “Later we bring a bottle of lube out here to leave with the chairs.”


“I couldn’t agree more, my husband.”

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